Papers & Proceedings

We require abstracts of proposed papers with the following format:

a. A maximum of one page

b. Written in English using MS Word, Times, 14-point font, 16-point line space, and 6 points between paragraphs; occupying a frame of 170 by 247 mm.

c. The title should be centred (in 16 point bold capitals), author(s) name(s) (in 14 point bold), and affiliation(s) of author(s) (in 14 point italics) in this order; all in Times New Roman.

d. The name of the presenting author(s) should be underlined.

In order to facilitate compliance with these requirements, please use this template here

The abstracts shall be submitted as attached document (doc or rtf-format) to the conference office: office<a> not later than 20th February 2009.


Conference proceedings
An accepted publishing house will publish an edited volume of selected papers from ICTMA14 as a book for which purposes an established international panel will referee papers submitted by conference participants after the conference (to be received by 15th September 2009).

Last update 27.04.2009